New Horizons Oilfield Services


Thermography is by far the most economical and best way of preventing electrical failures. New Horizons Oilfield Services can provide technical expertise in the use of themography.


Our thermographic surveys are performed by Md Murtadza Bin Abdullah, originally trained by the Royal Malaysian Air force as an Air Electrical Technician. He has 32 years of electrical experience, ranging over aircraft, industrial and domestic electrical systems.


Md Murtadza Bin Abdullah is a certified Level I Thermographer. He is a qualified PW4 wireman and A1 chargeman, registered with the Energy Commission. Qualified to board offshore platforms – HUET (OPITO approved).

Inspection Criteria

Our thermographic evaluations are based on the National Electrical Testing Specifications (NETA) for electrical equipment.


Our reports will highlight temperature exceptions based on NETA specifications and our own experience. Each exception will be given a priority rating.

Exceptions that are considered to require immediate or urgent attention or indicate an unsafe condition will be brought to the attention of the responsible engineer before we leave the site.


Our thermographic inspection service is offered under the general supervision of our technical manager, Anthony Jarratt., who has more than 40 years industrial experience as an electrical engineer. Our full team includes mechanical, electrical, electronic, metallurgical and chemical engineers who can provide guidance in specialised areas.